Peering Agreement Difficulties

To: Internet Access Providers: February 14, 1997
From: Internet Express
  2350 Mission College Blvd., Suite 250
  Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 982-8242 fax (408) 982-8249

Dear Provider:

  Internet express has experienced great difficulty in establishing
peering agreements with MCI, Sprint & PPN.
  If you have also experienced problems in this regard, we encourage
you to inform us ASAP. There currently is a class action suit in progress.

  Please respond to

Who is PPN?



I thought it was a programmer project number (you have to be old to
laugh at that).

Hmm. May be we'll open the special conference _I have difficulty in
establishing peering agreement with MCI (etc...)_.

In russion it's named _step on the rake_. Why my personal computer can't
get peering agreement from MCI? etc...

Have not you tired to discuss this _rake problem_?