Peerage versus Peering

I'll try not to belabor the point too much, since this fellow copied my
previous message in its entirety in his reply (I do wish folks would
learn how to use a MUA), but....

From: "Jeff Young" <>
webster certainly never contemplated this form of 'peer' so
it is useless to quote him. i agree with peter, in this
form 'peer' means a network of equal or similar size. in
the current state of technology, peer to me means capable
of asymmetry.

The folks discussing peering and routing policy, lo these many years
ago, were relying upon webster and other sources like unto it for the
terms to use in describing our needs. For example, see RFC 1104.

i'm sure the rest of nanog will play a large role in defining
this term 'peer' in the coming months, native english speakers
and not.

If you want to define some term for "networks of equal or similar size",
please use some other term, since the use of "peer" in network
terminology is already taken. "Oligopoly" comes to mind.
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