PDU recommendations

APC is solid. Their newer line can provide outlet metering. WTI is also good...they support redundant circuits. I've seen Baytech died after just unplugging a server.

That's an improvement then. Raritan has had this feature for years, with
visibility via SNMP. This was one of the reasons I dumped APC a couple of
years ago.


The APC metered-by-outlet series are relatively new. I figured it was inevitable when I was scrolling through the menus on a new genreation 2 PDU a while back and it listed outlet metering in the menu (although it didn't do anything).


We're replacing TrippLite with APC. Had two TrippLite SNMP/Web cards stop working at random times, and need to be reset. Pain when the datacenter is far away. On a different note TrippLite support has been super awesome.

The APC line we went with, model # escaping me at the moment, only had overall unit AMP load indicator. But their SNMP access is nice, for custom graphs in Cacti etc, and being able to remote bounce an outlet.

We did have a few WTI, the really old ones, which did not store the config in flash, thus needed to be reconfigured via serial after power outage. Even with that annoyance, they had much faster response time from telnet (....I know, old) turning on/off outlets than either of APC or TrippLite.


Thanks, I think the amount of love for the APC stuff confirmed my
experience. I'll look at the Raritan PDUs as I like their KVMs but if I
have to use their software or a WebUI to manage it (I use AddleLink for
remote to the KVM because I don't like proprietary management) I won't use
their PDU.

AFAIK (I'll obviously confirm), the circuit is 208VAC and the plug is the
dual phase NMEA type.

We have switched to Chatsworth products PDU line - robust and dependable in over 100 redundant installs - all outlet/environmental/SNMP and other options well behaved with plug-ins as well tech support is easier to access/escalate