PCH routing service (was: CIX routing service)

From: Bill Woodcock <woody@zocalo.net>
    What you just outlined is exactly what PCH has been doing at MAE-West
    for a bit over two years. It works great; extremely low investment,
    unmeasurably low flappage, and good fast routes. I'd give unqualified
    encouragement to other folks to do exactly the same thing at other
    peering points.

I encourage this idea. It wouldn't be useful at the ATM-NAPs, would it?

What about transit to other metro exchanges? I thought that PCH was
also handling that? Could you give the group details on your model?
Will it scale?

And then there was the issue of "new ISP education" that we talked about
at AA Nanog. PCH does that, too, out of pure self interest (those
unmeasurably low flapping rates). A great combination!

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