Is this still in use? I am trying to setup an account but the account creation process seems broken. I may be late to the party but it looks like a really cool idea assuming people still use it and its active.

It’s still in very active use, however the new-account setup front-end is in perl, and something has broken it. Rather than try to beat it back into shape, we’ve been focusing on completing our already-started transition from SER to BE6K on the back-end, which has an associated new front-end provisioning system, that’s largely overlapping with our regular PCH user-account system. INOC-DBA has only been sporadically funded by our donors, so it’s currently only got two FTE assigned to it, when it really should be closer to four.

So, short story is that it’s working for the people who have been using it all along, but it’s broken for anyone who hadn’t already completed the setup process before the old perl provisioning system went to hell in a handbasket.

We’re covering all its costs out of overhead right now, so there’s not enough funding to be actively working on both the old system and the new one, so we’re focusing on the new one, and trying to get it into production as quickly as possible. If you’d like to get an account started, you can use our regular PCH user-account system to start an account, and the next-gen INOC-DBA provisioning will let you add on all of the SIP and jabber information as soon as it’s in production. https://pch.net/account

In any event, our apologies to everyone.

I’ve cc’d Ashwin Mathew, who’s the INOC-DBA manager, so anyone with specific questions, or who’s able to help out with the project, can contact him directly.


Sorry, prototyping in BE6K, production will be BE7K.