[Pauldotcom] Skiddy Interview

He mentions selling a Bank of America employee account starting around
7 minutes 40 seconds, which just suffered a Denial of Service attack
to its website.


Any connection?

Of course probably not, but just thought i'd throw it out there anyway.


This self-proclaimed "hacker" was no more than a script-kiddie with a spot
of luck and half a brain enough to follow social-media-password chains. What
an absolute buffoon. I applaud the English student interviewer for
maintaining his composure while wasting his time with the "black hat", who
by the way [I'll save listmembers the torture of listening to elevated rants
about his "sql injections in the PHP" and his "paypal hacks" and his net
total $ gain of maybe $5000 over 4+ years of his extreme hacking] is 18
years old, in the middle of getting married and starting a family, but he'd
give it all up to work for the FBI to "you know, help out with the hacking
scene, and stop all the DDoSing wars between hacker crews".

Perhaps the most appalling thing was that he could barely muster up a single
question to ask his composed, educated and interesting interviewer, except
what it would be like to meet a "black hat", [ie himself]. My god. One
almost wants a member of a real (ie, foreign, serious $$$-earning) hacker
"crew" to swoop down on one of these morons and pwn them in such an
egregious manner so they might understand what a real penetration expert is
and be so scared as to. just. stop.