Paul Vixie: Re: [dns-operations] DNS issue accidentally leaked?

Jorge Amodio wrote:

> /etc/hosts rulez !!! :slight_smile:

Wonder if SRI wstill has the files.....

  UNOFFICIAL copy from 15-Apr-94 :


Here's some older ones:

Prior to departing SRI last year I spent a bunch of time trying to find some of the old SRI-NIC records. It appears that they were all cleaned out once the contract was closed and the Internet was handed over to Network Solutions. I think that a lot of old records still exist in personal file cabinets and garages around Menlo Park but nothing "official" is on the campus of SRI.


There was a discussion on the internet-history mailing list some time
ago about old hosts.txt files. You might also check the Computer
History Museum in Mountain View, where BTW Jake Feinler volunteers.