Paul Vixie on the wgig report

I would highly recommend reading Paul's comments, as he
brings up some very key issues.

He also mentioend one of my pet peeves, which is the WGIG's
posture on peering arrangements:

Vixie says:


"WGIG seems to be concerned about the general lack of
interconnection and the anticompetitive cost of entry
for new ISPs. One can see the ITU influence here (ITU
more or less regulates international telephone service
today), but when I think of the way national sovereignty
has been abused to turn telecommunications access fees
into [ major GDP sources ], I already don't think I'm
going to like the endgame if "regulation" occurs in the
area of international Internet peering and interconnection."


Seeing as how the Internet isn't a science project anymore,
it's a little difficult to reconcile taking something which
are now _business_ decisions for many organizations and
turing the entire peering issue into regulatory hell.


- ferg

I like the ending -