Pathways of the NSFNET - a poem

Hi all:

Late last night upon the last hours of NSFNET,
I wrote something in response to Sean Doran's poem.
By request of a few friends, I am submitting it
to NANOG list for thought. I hope you enjoy it.

Pathways of the NSFNET (1988-1995)

All pathways lead but inward, yet ever outward.
All travels begin, and run far only to end at the beginning.
Dreams which lead us to learn to build,
Lead us onward only to find out
How little we truly understand our pathways
which go ever onward in spite of us;
For time burns all but truth away.

Networks begun grow toward success.
If they succeed, they often transform beyond us.
Like children who grow up and beyond us
and lead us further to understand who we are.

(A poem for the end of the NSFNET era from
  a nsfnet nerd.)

Blessings and best wishes for the Next
Generation Internet,

Sue Hares

Sean's poem that inspired me