Password Decryption Methods?


I have a video camera that I need to recover the password. I have a
password hash that is stored in a database, but any online decryption sites
are not working.

Can someone push me in the right direction on where I go from here?



Need to recover the *actual* password because of forensic reasons? .. if it's just for usability then 100% of the units I've encountered have some reset routine that wipes the defaults and resets to admin:admin (or whatever).

If it was forensics it'd probably be faster to just image the flash chip (hopefully leaded and not BGA but rework isn't *that* hard). It's probably salted by the firmware, sometimes the salt is static in the firmware, sometimes it's a derivative of something like the hardware address.

If you can share the other details (make, model, firmware revision, processor type, etc.) .. whatever you know and can share) .. it would be more helpful. Also, how'd you get the hash? .. from a config file backup or from another device that used it to access this one? If so, what software, etc.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

Serial # too. :smiley:

Grab the firmware and run it through BinWalk. Your should be able to pull
out the firmware and see what it does to the password before storing it.