passports for NANOG-39, Toronto

You may have heard that the US and Canada are going to start requiring
passports for air travel between them beginning "soon". That date is
currently set as 8 Jan 2007, which is before February NANOG. MERIT
has noted this on the web site, but a cursory check of my list
archives didn't turn up mention of it (sorry if I overlooked it; the
last couple of weeks have been hectic), so I figured I'd include the

as well as a link to the State Department:

Normal passport processing is "within six weeks", but that probably
doesn't take the holiday season into account. If you don't have a
passport already and plan to travel from the US to NANOG 39 in
Toronto, getting on that project sometime in the next month or so
would allow plenty of spare time. No reason to pay expedite fees if
you don't have to.


particularly if you are in the DC area, call your congressman's district
(usually) office and ask them to send the Passport Office a "congressional
courtesy" request. In practice, this means that you don't stand in line, but
go upstairs to the diplomatic processing area, and, with proper documents
and photos, you'll probably have the passport in under an hour.
I believe there is also a priority program for cities that have Passport
Office branches. Just one of the perks of incumbents.

In DC, at least, you can get an appointment (no Congressional pressure required), go to
an office in the AM and pick it up the same day. I have done this several times;
it always amazes me how many people are in line who are
leaving the country the same day, but I wouldn't push it that far. Here are the offices :

You will spend a good fraction of the day doing this (the appointment is really an
appointment to sit in a waiting room, and you have to do it twice).