Palo Alto Power Hit

Sean Donelan writes:

The City of Palo Alto had a power problem early this morning, estimated
at 7:30PST 9-Feb-1999. Portions of the city were without power, and there
are some reports of some telelcommunications carriers in the area being
affected. So far none of the carriers I've contacted would confirm or
deny any problems, although some customers of carriers did report problems.

P.S. The Digital/Compaq PAIX sent a note saying they were NOT affected.

Earlier today UUNET sent out this message:

Subject: Notification of Incident
From: UUNET WorldCom Customer Notification <customer-notify@UU.NET>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:27:21 -0500 (EST)

Dear UUNET WorldCom Customer,

Currently your internet connection may be down due to a UUNET outage.
We will contact you again once the situation is remedied. In the
meantime, if you want further updates, please call our Technical Support
Center at 1.800.900.0241 (Press option 1).

Please do not respond to this message.

Thank You for your patience.
UUNET WorldCom

Calling the 800 number listed gave minimal details, but did identify
a power outage as the source of the problem.