Anybody else seeing a loss of paix?

My peering dropped. as well as everyone else in sf.

While writing this my phone rang and it was paix. Seems mfn did an
unreported bit of maintenance.

Anyone else on the peering by paix switch at e-xchange at least will have
lost service but it should be restored.

Dear Nanog list members,

We are considering buying transit from McLeod and I would
like to get any input, opinions,
or experience list members might have about this provider.
We are a state wide ISP, seeking
to add another DS 3 to our present multi-homed network.
Please reply off list and thanks
in advance for this and all the great information this list

James Edwards
At the Santa Fe Office: Internet at Cyber Mesa
Store hours: 9-6 Monday through Friday
Phone support 365 days till 10 pm via the Santa Fe office: