Paging Olav van Doorn, Jan Willem Meijer, and Rutger Bevaart

If anybody can give me an email for any of these principals of
Xconnect42, Inc. (Neatherlands) aka AS260, I'd appreciate it.

I tried to reach somebody (anybody) at their company via the address
I found online for the company <> but never
got any response. That was a week ago.

I'm real interested to have these guys explain to me why they are
peering with the following ASNs, which all appear to have one and
only one BGP peer, i.e. Xconnect24, Inc.


Note that each and every one of the above six Afrinic-issued ASNs
appears to be announcing routes to gobs and gobs of IPv4 space...
mostly prevously abandoned AFRINIC space, but also, in the case of
AS10505, numerous /17 hunks of Chinese IPv4 space... to which the
ASNs in question do not appear to have any relationship, and where
a great deal of the relevant IPv4 address space has been filed up
to the brim by U.S.A. based snowshoe spammers, including, apparently,
at least one convicted felon and former drug trafficker.

Note also that two of the /17 routes currently being announced by
AS10505 are for IPv4 space allocated by APNIC to Aliyun Computing, Ltd.
which Bloomberg lists as a subsidiary of retail giant Alibaba,
currently having a market cap of $232.4 bellion dollars (USD).

I dunno. maybe it's just me, but I somehow think that a Chinese
company worth almost a quarter of a trillion dollars probably doesn't
really need to enlist the help of a long-dead South African ISP to
route parts of their space for them.

So anyway, I'd really like to have a brief chat with any or all of
the following three gentlemen about all this:

    CEO - Olav van Doorn
    Co-founder Jan Willem Meijer:
    CTO - Rutger Bevaart

If anybody can put me in touch, I'd apperciate it. Thanks.