Paging Comcast

I need to get in touch with someone at Comcast urgently.

We just acquired an office. Their service is hosed up and their IPs are routing out of Washington State to Ashburn VA before dying. A tech is on-site and says there’s something wrong with the account and that it might be because it’s a “national account”.

I asked him to just set me up with new service. He said he can’t and I have to go through a sales rep or the support number.

My sales guy isn’t answering and every time I wade through 5 minutes of IVR and reach a human and explain it, they say “hang on a moment” and then I’m transferred back to the IVR.

I desperately need to fix the issue with static IPs on the existing account or get new service installed because we’re supposed to be live Monday morning at 7:30 AM local time.


Someone reached out who could shove a new service order into the queue for the tech and we’ll deal with the old broken connection on Monday when the Comcast premier group opens back up.

Thanks and sorry for the noise.