Packetshaper Replacement

Thus spake Sanjay Dani

Take a look at Extremely flexible traffic shaping and
monitoring (with diff-serv support), very high bandwidth and packet
rate, bridging, and full access routing (rip, ospf, bgp). And vpn
shown at Interop.

Can anyone please relate their experiences using this
router in an e-bgp environment (# of full views, # of
peers, interoperability with cisco's, etc)?

Well, they don't have a high number of ports...mine is a single hssi,
single fe, so you're only dealing with a few views at most. We've got a
full eBGP view from on it, as well as an iBGP peer with our cisco
taking our other connections. It handles it quite well...never seems to
have broken a sweat CPU-wise that I can tell.