Packetshaper Replacement

Thus spake Jonathan A. Zdziarski

I'm curious if anyone knows of any good alternatives to shape bandwidth
logically other than the packeteer. We're having persistent problems
with slow bandwidth, including bandwidth outside any policy limitations,
and for some reason it keeps kicking into safe mode as well. Ironically
they were having the same problems on the interop demos =).

I'm going to be taking a look at Foundry's Server-Iron which is a L4
switch, but it may not do what we need it to do. Bay networks makes some
nice switches that are capable of bandwidth shaping, but only per physical
port. Our basic needs are a unit that will shape logically, keep
statistics, and all the general bells and whistles that one would need to
maintain a shaped, shared-colo network.

They have a pretty decent line of equipment at this point (small shop,
but seem to be pretty sharp guys from talking to them), we're currently
using their access-point 45 unit to terminate our T3 line from
Not using any of its traffic shaping features at this point, but they
look (from the documentation) to be pretty decent. I don't have
experience with any other equipment that does this type of stuff, so I
can't give you a comparison, but figured I'd throw out a pointer to
another piece of equipment that will do that job (I believe) and you can
make your own comparisons.

Last time I looked they had boxes that did t1 to ethernet,
ethernet-ether, hssi-10/100, atm(up to oc-3 speeds I believe)-10/100.
They also have a line of VPN products, though that's not what you asked
about...thought I'd just throw it out for completeness.