Packets from net 10 (no, not the lyrics)

I agree if BGP is running between the customer and the provider. However,

  - both the provider *and* the customer are using the same private
    address space


  - the provider assigns the p2p link addresses from that same
    address space (according to its own subnetting plan)

the question becomes: where do you apply the filters? Is it safe for the
provider to assume, in the first place, that its use of private addresses
should extend to customer networks?


  This type of question is very much a private matter between
  consenting adults/peers/clients. I would not presume that
  my clients would know what I was doing with this address space.
  I would not presume that they were not using it either.

  IMHO, this is something that is placed in the contract. Sort of
  like a prenup, AIDS check, or whether my date bites -BEFORE-
  its too late/embarassing.