Packets dropped due to ICMP off

Awe, man, don't laugh too hard. Turned out to be problem with Firefox. Safari on iPhone and IE on PC work.

I learned something, too, and appreciate the input: tracert using ICMP is not valid test. Not everyone has ping enabled. So, what looks like packet loss at next hop is really ICMP turned off.

I don't recall seeing this thread before this message but this is
nothing new. Most times you allowed to pass-thru these networks but not
directly communicate with them. Whether it be some strenuous policy put
in place by someone that still desires to provide routes back to the
community or just the vision of the administrator of that router... it
still works as intended for all other types of traffic.

Besides, blocking ICMP type 0 doesn't neccesarily bust traceroutes.

Using options (-I | -P icmp) would definately be busted but a normal
traceroute from most systems that I have been on default to UDP