Anyone had any good/bad experiences with the PacketSeeker or PacketShaper product ? ( It looks like a good sub-$10,000 traffic monitor that will allow you to see all Layers of traffic utilization and reporting. Plus you can upgrade it to shape traffic with a license and firmware upgrade.



Used here, packshaper that is. Very effective, easy to use - had it up and running in a couple of hours and saved my life when we had a 128k line - ie was cheaper at the time to buy one of these than to upgrade the line.

Nowadays it's kinda redundant as I've got an E1 so I don't get bandwidth hogging issues. I keep it to make sure the VPN etc gets it QoS.

We have tested Packetshaper and some other product some time ago. From
what I remember the reporting for the packetshaper did work, but had the
problem that the output was only in the webinterface. So you are
restricted to the reports they give you, you can not access the raw data.

The shaping is quite nice, when you have them on both ends
of the line, otherwise you only shape in one direction, which in
most situations is not enough.

Disclaimer: This is from the back of my head, I might mix it up with
some other product, as we ended up with another product for traffic
analysis (network vantage from compuware) and I only did
some technical consulting for that whole monitoring project.