Packet over SONet/SDH (POS) experience?

From: (Ran Atkinson)
% Has anyone (that has deployed) been having incident reports?

  There are known operational incidents where an adversary sent
an IP packet designed to set the SONET scrambling algorithm ["f(x)"]
to all zeros. This caused the SONET device to lose communications
syncronisation and the circuit to go down, requiring a manual reset.
Truly an ugly situation.

Please detail:
- what dates?
- which circuit paths?
- which vendor equipment?
- from whence we will derive, which vendor chipset?

I've known about this issue ever since the PPP/SONET spec was
published, but have withheld public comment until someone else
mentioned the issue on a public list.

Too bad you were not involved in the discussion 3-5 years ago....

PS: I'm not on the PPP or PPPSDH lists, so if folks on those lists
  want me to see any followups, those folks will need to Cc: me

PPS: The followups list definitely will need trimming. Please
  edit appropriately if you followup...

Ran, the original did not have those followups, and I'm kind of annoyed
that you added them.... I really did _not_ need 4 copies, and I expect
that the other NANOG folks will be less than enthused as well!
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