Packet loss statistics

Is anyone aware of useful resources for packet loss over large LANs and WANs? Google turned up a nice statistics page for Qwest's network but not much else that seems useful to me.

Our testing teams are trying to simulate expected network conditions and rather than go overboard, having something close to real-world parameters would be nice.


Depending on what you want, you could use something like smokeping or owamp to measure your network. (Both can be easily found via the goog).

  There are also commercial packages (eg: firehunter) that can be utilized as well to measure your network.

  - jared

Thanks, Jared. I'm not looking to quantify my network. I'm looking to introduce artificial errors into a test network to see the behavior against a product/system. I'd like to know if there is any data anywhere on what might be expected on an average network. I'm not sure there are such statistics, to be honest but thought I'd ask in the best place I knew to ask.

Here is the Qwest link mentioned, by the way, in case anyone else is interested.


The equivalent AT&T network performance portal page is and various pages linked to it.