Packet Kiddies Invade NANOG

According to the people I spoke to, they had not noticed such an
on the date specified.

And, while not knowing the specifics of this situation, if you were being
attacked, and it hurt
your network, would you continue to piss the attacker off by validating
it? You'll have a
problem finding anyone that crazy, I think.

People should be worried about stuff like this.
Banetele is a facilities-based network operator
in Norway and these guys are directly attacking
their BGP sessions to put them off the air.

I don't know anything about the banetele attack mentioned specifically,
other than to say,
this matches his M.O. entirely, and, he isn't the only kiddie who figured
out that attacking
routers is sometimes more effective than attacking the intended victim.

John Quincy Taxpayer

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