Packet Kiddies Invade NANOG

You know how easy it is to fake IRC logs?

Yes, I do. And I also know that these aren't fake. I've seen them before,
from some
respected sources in the ISP security community, and I've also seen Gregory's
manifesto sent
to the EFNet admins list admitting to having launched DDoS attacks against
the servers, and
attempting to rationalize his behavior. Are you denying that, too?

I don't know why you people seem to think I'm involved with all
of this stuff.

Because you're friends of Andrew Kirch (aka "trelane"), who's Mr. Gregory
"OseK" Taylor's
right hand man. Guilt by association, and all that.

If you want to show evidence, do it offlist and among yourselves,
because I
don't think people give a crap about your little spats between one
another -
especially not based on IRC logs.

Sorry Brian, but I'm not going to play these games. If you can publicly
dispute the claims
that you and your friends are packet kiddies, I have just as much of
a right to post to the list
attempting to prove them, or at the least, pointing out the hyprocisy
of your ways. Hopefully
some prospective employer will find this thread when googling for info
on you and your
friends, and think twice about hiring you for "security" work.

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