Packet Kiddies Invade NANOG

Matthew (yes I know it is you), The personal information you have posted regarding my phone number is me. However, the slanderous material and obvious hate/flame statements you made against me are absolutely false.

I have not attacked any Internet Service Provider or IRC server in several years. I am and have been retired from the underground for a long while now, despite the constant comments made to the contrary by people who do not represent me in any manner.

I admit publically to everyone who may read this posting, that I have made some very stupid decisions in the past and I had hurt alot of people in the process. Despite my attempts to justify my actions, the fact is two wrongs do not make a right.

XWB is my dad's personal sole propietership. Not once has anyone involved with XWB ever attempted to represent that business as anything more than a Sole propietership that does web development work for non-profit organizations and small businesses. My father works very hard and your attempt at attacking his character was uncalled for and unnecessary. I do not know what your problem with me is, Matthew, but whatever they are, you need to leave them off of NANOG and the phone calls to my house are not appreciated either.

I hope you realize that posting personal information about people, such as phone numbers, addresses, and any other such stuff to a public forum without the consent of the person to whom that information belongs to, is illegal. It is a felony in fact. Your unfounded truthless statements about myself and my father's business are a felony as well and if I wanted to take action, could end in a civil lawsuit against you for libel and slander.

Will I take that approach? Probably not, mostly because the people on this list, minus certain people, are for the most part mature, intelligent adults who do not care to take part in flame wars, nor do they listen to slanderous statements made by someone who obviously has some kind of jealousy towards someone to the point that he has to make public unprovoked attacks against that person's character.

The people who matter on this list will most likely ignore this thread and what not.

Good luck in whatever future endeavor you may take.
And this is my only and last response to this thread.


For the record, I've been in-transit between the cold state of Minnesota
to the semi-warm state of Texas for the past two days via car, Without
internet access. If I wanted to post the urls in this thread I would
have no issues doing it without hiding behind an anonymous email

As for the accusations made being false, I know nothing about them. I do
recall the 2 or 3 times you've attacked me by the direct, or indirect request
of Andrew Kirch (trelane).

Why is NANOG starting to sound like "full-disclosure"? Can't you kids
just argue amongst yourselves on IRC or something? This is so

If any of the involved parties thinks anyone cares, you'd do well to check
your egos.