Packet Kiddies Invade NANOG

I've noticed a number of shining stars in the network engineering industry
have graced us
with their presence and infinite wisdom in the past few days, including
Gregory Taylor. I
can't help but wonder if this is the same who launched multi-gigabit
DDoS attacks against
IRC servers and major ISP's recently:

Coincidence? You decide. Better yet, call his mother at 1-253-475-1227,
and let her know
you don't approve of his hacking activities. If enough of us put the
pressure on, it's possible
he'll be grounded, and his computer priviledges will be revoked. It's
happened before, it can
happen again.

For those of you wondering, "Xpert Web Builders" (XWB.COM) is bogus.
They don't operate a
network, they're a sole proprietorship tech support and web dev group,
run by some clue-
challenged kids who don't even have the cashflow needed to invest in
a post-paid cellular

Then there's Andrew Kirch, aka "trelane", who just published a fascinating
(albeit highly
technically inaccurate, and bearing little or no basis in reality)
whitepaper on the "script kiddie culture":

Only problem is, he hangs out on EFNet in #sigdie, a channel known in
security circles as a
place where large-scale DDoS attacks, usually involving 1000's of
drone nets or otherwise compromised machines, are coordinated. Takes
one to know one, I
guess. The fun doesn't stop there: he's publicly admitted to helping

packet IRC servers before!

I'm still working on building a rap sheet on Kirch's friend, Brian Bruns,
and their "Summit
Open Source Development Group" (which, by all accounts, is a
legitimate-looking front for their not-so-legitimate activities). If
anyone has any info, mail
me privately, and I'll summarize.

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