Outdoor ADSL2+/VDSL/G.Fast NIU

I'm hoping somebody on the list has a recommendation for an outdoor ADSL2+/VDSL/G.Fast NIU. Been doing so some research into this and have come up empty so far.

My thinking is that by housing the DSL CPE outside the residence in an enclosure we can reduce the issues with IW (since we would only need a small jumper from the LEC handoff to the NIU) and also gain access to the DSL CPE remotely for management and troubleshooting. We would then hand off ethernet to the customer using existing wiring or running cat5.

Interested in how this problem may have already been addressed in the provider community.


Check with Calix or Ciena.



I think Calix has a fully outdoor version of their 844G VDSL2 modem. The
problem you'll run into is the cost of bringing 12VDC through a small hole
in the exterior wall (from a small indoor mounted 120VAC to 12VDC power
supply) or outdoor code compliant weatherproof 120VAC for the equipment.

And the issues that are frequently encountered by cable TV installers who
mistakenly drill through a hole through a wall for some RG6 coax and burst
somebody's water pipe or sewer pipe.

This can drive the cost per building served cost up considerably, if the
ISP needs to eat all or a portion of the cost of bringing electrical
service to the outdoor mounting location.

I’m a fan of this device as you can run PoE out to it. Just wish it had
space for a splice to be held, as well as excess cable stored. Of course
this is fiber vs xDSL, etc..


- Jared

The calix 844g is not an outdoor rated unit just a heads up. Typically now xdsl modems have integrated router and wireless which brings them into indoor rated type of equipment. I'm sure outdoor is out there but probably not something that's off the shelf and highly deployed.

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