Outblaze admins?

Hi There,

If there are any people who manage outblaze can they contact me either on or offlist. We've been trying to get a server delisted since September 12th and have been completely unsuccessful. The website doesn't appear to remove the IP and using the contact forms to contact the postmaster has not resulted in any contact from them to us.



Paul Kelly
Technical Director
Blacknight Internet Solutions ltd
Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated servers
IP Transit Services
Tel: +353 (0) 59 9183072
Lo-call: 1850 929 929
DDI: +353 (0) 59 9183091

e-mail: paul@blacknight.ie
web: http://www.blacknight.ie

Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd,
Unit 12A,Barrowside Business Park,
Sleaty Road,

Company No.: 370845

Taken offlist.

ps: Yes, we did reply multiple times - but we do recommend that people
dont spam filter email from postmaster@outblaze.com precisely to avoid
this sort of communication gap.