outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

With all due respect, Alan wrote:

While I agree w/ you that accountability is important I can't
agree that a simple outage list is very terribly useful. With all
due respect to the Sprint folx, their lists are often vague and
noninformative. As of late the MCI tickets have been more and

Sorry, SprintLink has 255/255 in my book.

For instance, long before Gordone Cook sent his flamebait nanog-way,
SPRINT had already identified a power failure at sl-stk-9 and its
one hour downtime.

On at least three occasions that I can recall, Sean has sent
out innage (non-outage :wink: notes indicating _in_detail_ what he was
going to install on what routers, where it had been tried, and which
functionality he was expecting to get out of this. Some of the details
are the stuff that Cisco is yet to implement in production release.

On at least four other occasions, all in the last month, Sean, Elliot
Alby, Peter Lothberg, and one other SPRINT individuals [or consultants]
posted details as to an outage, ETR, details, up-to-the-minute stuff,
and a resolution.

While they had their problems before, and will doubtless have them
again, right now SprintLink's backbone has a good trouble-reporting

Back to accountability, (with kindest respect) Sean, you haven't a
lambs foot to stand when Barrnet isn't looking into a problem. In

I have a ticket open with barrnet since 07/95 as to simple loss in
the Santa Cruz area. When Barrnet [oops, sorry, "call us BBN Planet"]
closes that 4-month-old ticket, talk.

Do you really want outage and downtime on public record, or do you
want easier access to clueful folx?

I'll take both, thanks very much. Frankly I'll give up on having
immediate access to clueful folx. We're all f'busy. I'll take access
to folks-clueful-enough-to-fix-it without my having to educate them.
So far, the folks at the SL INSC (Diana, Muhammed, Pat, etc.) have
done fine by me.

p.s. You might be inclined to think "My, how easy it is to impress
     him. SL must have really bought him lunch." Well let me tell you --
     it is easy to impress me -- with professionalism, quality, competence, and
     attention to detail. SL has those.