[outages] fibre cut near 200 Paul, San Francisco

We're showing spikes in latency out in LAX on Cogent, as well as a few
other interesting anomalies that are consistent with shifts in traffic in
a number of different locations. Has anyone noticed any network routing
issues outside of the immediately-effected area, as a result of this?

  9 gi0-0-0.core01.lax05.atlas.cogentco.com (
     65.447 ms 65.449 ms 65.434 ms
10 xo.lax05.atlas.cogentco.com (
     127.708 ms 127.683 ms 127.680 ms

has anyone been able to pin point the cut?
There have been mentions of Redwood City, San Carlos, San Francisco.
Where exactly is the cut?

William R. Lorenz wrote:

Quick search on Google.
Looks like there is a colo at 200 Paul Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124

I can confirm that indeed there is, hence my mail :slight_smile:

Hence my mail to the outages list, I mean, which is what you were replying to apparently (from the subject), despite the fact that you sent it to NANOG. Sorry for the noise.


The reports seem to be settling on 2 distinct sites -- South
San Jose and San Carlos. The former had 4 cuts and latter
just 1.


AT&T already put a statement mentioning the two sites and offering
a $100K reward


- Jorge

Oh dear, and just after BT suffered a big cut in London. Who needs vandals when there's contractors about?