[Outages-discussion] DE-CIX - Wednesday 11:00am - 1:30pm Eastern

Does anyone here know any more about what crashed in the DE-CIX NYC exchange yesterday between approximately 11am and 1:30pm?

Between those times I'm told the Nokia switching fabric locked up and ultimately rebooted.


For clarification, DE-CIX New York operates over a dozen switches as part of our local switch fabric. ONE of our switches malfunctioned for about a two hour period prior to rebooting and that caused problems for customer networks connected to that switch during that period. All other switches were not impacted and the DE-CIX New York exchange did not go down.

Ed d’Agostino

Hi Ed,
Thank you for that clarification.

Matt Harris​

Infrastructure Lead Engineer



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Hi Matt,

please open a ticket with support@de-cix.net and/or call +1-212-796-6914 so that we can have a direct communication with you. We will work with you on resolving the issue right away.

Best regards,