OUTAGE/WEATHER: severe winter weather and mci worldcom

A summary of few of the larger infrastructure issues in the last few days

January 3-4 (18+ hours)
  MCI Worldcom had water problems in a New York/New Jersey office (the
  reports haven't clearly identified the location) damaging some
  unspecified equipment. At least two OC48s are out of service.
  See next issue.

January 1-3
  Severe winter weather across the midwest to the east coast.
  Sporadic power outages in multiple states affecting 450,000
  people. 39 deaths. One news station reported 7 counties in
  central Illinois lost telephone service. Travel conditions
  have greatly increased repair response times in affected areas.

If last year is a guide, major problems won't surface until the weather
warms up a bit. Flooding and heavy equipment use caused several post-winter
storm outages last winter.

I did read the other thread. What the rough consensus was wasn't clear
to me, so I'm going ahead with this message.