Outage Reports

Cyril Jaouich put this into my mailbox:

> Hi, I have been asked to put together a data base of internet outages and
> trouble spots on a daily basis. I was wondering what mail lists, web
> pages, and other tools are there out there that will help me with this
> task.

  Subscribe to outage@dal.net, MCI and Sprint post there, you also
get outage on IRC servers and a few other.

As a quick note, make sure you mail majordomo@dal.net with a body of
'subscribe outage'. Mailing outage@dal.net will make the message bounce to
me, like the other fifteen or so today already have, and you won't get
subscribed }:>.

(BTW: If you run some sort of largish network provider[1], feel free to cc:
your outage posts to 'outage@dal.net'...)

[1] This left vague on purpose.