Outage queries and notices (was Re: GBLX congestion in Dallas area )

What's the matter with simply using the mailing list?

Don't reinvent the wheel.

- ferg

For precisely that reason, I, personally, am on your side.

It's not the *best* solution, but it's probably the least worst.

-- jr 'guantanamo-l' a

"Least worst" could describe pretty much everything
about how we do networking today, so count me in the
chorus of folks who consider outages completely

David Barak
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Probably RFC-822 style headers between

or something akin to that. It remains easy to parse, especially by the
most likely subect, perl.

A subject-line tag is probably not out of the question, either.

But, of course, we're figuring out the best way to implement something
that we haven't completely decided is the best idea. :slight_smile:

-- jra

FYI - we've had an outage on a Choice One T1 since about 9am EDT. First-line
support from Choice One reported "need to reboot several routers" and gave
an ETTR of 1/2 hr at 10:21.

Though things seem to be behaving reasonably well as far as I can tell on
their net, Expedient is also reporting "Customer may experience routing
instability in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania
markets at this time. Network engineers are aware, and currently working to
resolve this issue."

Allen Kitchen
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