Outage (planned and unplanned) notification


I've noticed the sprint outage list has become very quiet, as has the
MCI outage list. They seem to be quiet even during and after widely

Sprint's list has gotten better regarding notifications. Using existing
customer-provider relations is very useful. For our providers that are
lax in notification, we hit the mangvlement/customer relations/sales
folk pretty hard. In a collaborative enviornment, non-customers having
a problem with provider S could contact a customer of provider S and
have them source the trouble call [this is not, purely hytpothetical].

I'm thinking that it might be useful about now to set up a decent
notification organization that can seek out network status and outage


As was pointed out elsewhere, the NLARN IPNmoo has been up and running
for quite some time. The others in the handful that would be considered
'regulars' may want to comment as well, but I for one find it of great
value. We've seen several instances of real-time debugging w/in this
collaborative environment.