Our advertising address( has filtered


This is Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ/AS2497)
Network Operations Center from Tokyo, Japan.

IIJ has started advertising from AS2497/IIJ.
Unfortunately, it seems that several ASs are filtering this route.

Could you confirm that your latest filter permit If it
is denying the route, we hope you will update the filter to accept our
new block.

We have set an equipment at for your conectivity check.
If you confirm that you are able to access, you can ping
and traceroute to

Recently, APNIC/JPNIC assigned to IIJ.
As a point of reference, you could find the Bogon list Page and
the result of whois.



IIJ/AS2497 still sees problems with source address,
It seems that many ASs and servers are blocking packets from We hope you would check your filters again.

Two points:
1) route filter (prefix based filters)
2) packet filter (ACLs on interface) <- do not forget please!

If you would like to confirm you are accepting packets from, please test by ping