Other types of underground utilities

Mike Heller <mikeh@earthweb.com> writes:
> I find it interesting that we don't hear about more accidental gas
> explosions and water main breaks from backhoes. Are the blueprints and
> posted warnings more detailed or is there more fiber than utility pipe in
> the ground?

{Tardy reply}

Ha! I was in the pipeline business. It happens all the time.
See <http://www.underspace.com/>

About a year ago, a woman in a new tract house out by Dulles died
after the basement filled with gas & it exploded. The line had been
nicked -- suspected cause: the electric utility laying THEIR feed.

Every few years, someone hits a LPG line and turns into marshmallow.

A public housing building in Chicago was destroyed when a gas
line was hit -- ?18 months? ago or so.