Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.


  LJP - Larry Plato
  MAN - Mike Nasto

NANOG is the perfect place to discuss what we think should be the
minimum acceptable service level, as well as what can be expected
in terms of inter-provider help and cooperation. Sean's comments
are, in my opinion, useful as a basis for discussion, and completely
appropriate. I think we all need to discuss our expectations in
an open forum. We may never agree, but at least we can disagree

Politely is the operative word here. I thinks Sean's comments are the
only way we will have any significant changes that benefit the customer,
as opposed to benefiting the "network" itself.

  I'm not sure I want to embrace the Nader approach to networking, but at the
same time, let's consider our climate, and the market in which we live.
Providers who play fairly, are considerate, and make intelligently designed
networks are considered far superior to others who don't. Correspondingly,
those in the know (integrators, consultants, other NSPs) spread the word,
and they tend to get a high class, and larger quantity of customers.
Correspondingly, these folks propogate, and the customer benefits. My point,
don't talk about the customer and how they benefit. The best internet
provider will, by natural selection, be best for the customer.

  How does this relate to the discussion at hand? Sean points out some
considerable problems at hand on the net, and he continually proposes
intelligent ways to resolve the situations. In my opinion, this is a
highly acceptable, and terribly desirable thing. As well, those who caution
politeness are heard, however, I don't think we can demand this. Quite
often people in our positions are rather busy, and don't have time to mince
words so as not to offend. I view the internet right now as quite similar
to the torrid gene pools of our evolutionary birth. If people sound rather
rude, or short of time, it's because they are too busy doing things correctly,
and are dissapointed in the poor quality of others.

  Perhaps I speak too unkind, but I appreciate these frank, blunt corrections,
and hope to see more of them.