Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

There were several other providers who got notes from
me about prefixes that were flapping every several seconds
or thereabouts. The tally so far:

Polite "we have a ticket open and will get someone to fix
things" from three providers (thanks ANS, BBN, EBONE).

A trio of no-answer-yets, one of which has since been
fixed, one of which will be fixed since I have the
advantage of sharing a room with the routing guru
of the NSP in question and the bigger advantage of
not needing nearly as much sleep. :slight_smile:

The third no-answer-yet is from a smaller provider in
Europe, and I expect they'll get back to me in their morning.

Finally, there was the previous reply.


P.S.: Oh, I also have to thank Pushpendra Mohta of CERFNET
  who replied to an earlier note personally with an
  explanation of what was going on.

Can we stop this bashing right here, Sean? I don't believe that this list
is the adequate forum four such childish behaviour. I have a collection
of your past emails and I am rather fed up withthis.

Can Sean be removed from the list? These are not contributions in any
sense of constructivity at all.

Sprint can very well chose a different person to make their corporate
views known on an nanog scale.Mike


Sprint and Sean are at the forefront of many issues involved with scaling
issues on the Internet. I have found his comments are valuable, and not
Michael keep your comments to yourself.
Bob Gibson
Capital Area Internet Service

Can we stop this bashing right here, Sean? I don't believe that this list

How was this bashing exactly?