OT: Where are the VoIP clue bats?

First, thanks for all the responses to "What vexes VoIP users?"

I'm looking for pointers to sites, like Geoff Huston's potaroo.net, that are VoIP clue dense, or mailing lists(*) where the VoIP-full lurk.

Thanks in advance,

(*) I'm already on the ecrit list, though my real interest in the ongoing IETF "emergency services" meme has been a "I'm alive" app, not circuit and bandwidth capture by government. I was pleased to see a "I'm alive" app fielded by Google last week at Christchurch, NZ.

http://voip-info.org Great general reference

http://voiceops.org Great List (ok I helped start it so I might be a
little biased)

http://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/cisco-voip Cisco VOIP specific