OT: SF Bay Area NotatNanog?

My apologies for the way non-op posting, it'll show up only once :slight_smile:

A sad fact of the current economy in the US has rendered myself, as well
as, I'm sure, at least a few others, who are nanog regulars, unable to
travel to the nanog up north.

I think it would be enjoyable to try to plan a get together of some
size/shape in the SF Bay Area for any/all nanog members in the area who
are unable to attend the show.

Somewhere in Berkeley/Oakland works best for me location-wise, but San
Francisco is always an option.

Please reply to me off list, and I'll send out an email tomorrow afternoon
to all interested parties and we'll see if we can't come together.

Thanks, and now back to Toronto Restrauants Critiques....
-Scott "Ain't Chapter 11 Grand" Call