OT -- seeking a knowledgable AS 701 technical contact.

Apologies for the noise, but I have been absolutely unable -- despite
literally *hours* of trying --to contact anyone at _any_ of the published
Verizon Business phone numbers who has any comprehension of what I am
talking about -- to wit:

  "I am looking for someone with _any_ awareness/knowledge of Verizon
   Business's public-access anonymous FTP server, with the hostname

The published Verizon Business technical contact number -- both in 'whois'
for uu.net, and Jared's NOC contact list is only the 'ticket center', and
won't open a ticket for someone who is not Verizon customer.

"Customer service" doesn't know what 'ftp' is, and vacillates between
thinking it is a circuit problem, or that I am having a problem with -my-

Call-transfer to 'technical support' was answered by someone handling
'delinquent payments'. Another transfer attempt ended up on somebody's
cell phone.


If i remember right, Verizon Business has 3 or 4 different help desks.
I dont have any numbers off hand unfortunately.


sorry grant :frowning: (gmail user fail)

Hi! Now that you have my email address, ping me offline and I'll see if I can help.