[OT] Routeing `listeners' for BGP and ISIS


I believe this is appropriate for the NANOG list according to the
AUP; my apologies if it isn't or if you receive multiple copies.

I'd like to announce the release of `PyRT' the `Python Routeing
Toolkit' available at


From the web-page:

"The Python Routeing Toolkit (`PyRT') enables routeing
information in a network to be collected. The purpose of this
software is to enable routeing information in a network to be
collected. This package currently supports BGPv4 and ISIS and
will dump MRTD format files. It also supports parsing of MRTD
TABLE_DUMP files (as available from, eg., RouteViews and
RIPE/RIS). A number of utilities for manipulating these dumps
are also provided."

Information is collected by forming adjacencies with a router,
and then acting as a `passive' router (ie. no routes are

It is released under the GPLv2 and was developed as part of work
done at Sprint ATL, Burlingame CA.