OT: need SBCIS (7132) contact with DNS clue

Greetings all,

Anyone have an SBCIS (AS7132) contact with DNS clue? I'm being
told it's "company policy" that they list their nameservers as
authoritative for reverse DNS on space assigned from their
netblocks. IOW, they "delegate" by creating NS RRs that point to
the correct NSes _and_ NS RRs pointing to their own.

It gets better. Like all good "authoritative" NSes, their NSes
disallow recursive processing. Is it truly company policy to
screw up reverse DNS for downstreams who run their own?

Wanted: AS7132 contact who understands the concept of lame
servers, why they are bad, and is willing and able to help do
something about it.


Many thanks to Peter Fry at SBC. He supplied me with contacts
and did as much as he could... this is now resolved. He also
tracked down the circuit ID (before I gave him any info), found
some legacy routing info that would have caused trouble when the
block in question was announced, and proactively removed the
troublesome route.

We now return you to our other OT threads and gripes already in

Thanks, Peter!