[OT] Need Comcast Contact

Emails sent *from residential comcast subscribers* to any '@voicenet.com'
address have been disappearing in the Comcast network since Sunday, Feb 31.
There are no bounces or errors of any kind. Mail sent directly to other
domains with the same MX record and even to individual machines within the
MX record themselves work fine, it is only when the envelope recipient
states /^.*@voicenet\.com$/ does the mail simply disappear (i.e. mail sent
to "someuser@voicenet.com" disappears while mail sent to
"someuser@mail##.voicenet.com" goes through fine as well as

My company as well as our customers and Comcast customers have together made
many, many phone calls and sent many emails and we cannot get ahold of
anyone with any semblance of a clue and nobody seeems to have the ability to
put us in contact with anyone in your systems and/or network admins (level
1-3 techs, managers and even "case resolution specialists").

Can someone please contact me off-list in regards to this situation?

Has anyone else had similar problems?


Well sure, they are sent on a date that doesn't exist. Feb 31 can never

Pardon, that should have read Sunday, Feb 01 2004 AD (Chinese year of the
monkey). =]