OT: NANOG 40 accomodations

I'm a Ph.D. student from UC Berkeley who will be attending the upcoming NANOG in Bellevue. If anyone is interested in splitting a hotel room to reduce costs, please drop me an email. (I have a room booked already but could cancel.)

Brighten Godfrey <pbg@cs.berkeley.edu>

I made a wiki page for NANOG 40 here:


and made a bare link on that page to a "NANOG40 Roommates Wanted" topic. Perhaps this is a reasonable way to co-ordinate the sharing of rooms, for those who are otherwise struggling to find accommodation.

Note that NANOG has a room occupancy target at each hotel that it is financially annoying not to meet, though, so those who have funding available to book their own rooms directly within the NANOG room blocks will be doing the meeting budget a favour if they do so.