OT: NANOG 31 and Kaboom

For those of you getting to SF a bit early (before Saturday night), there is a local SF radio station that sponsors a big block-party-type event on the waterfront on Saturday afternoon, and they have a huge fireworks show after dark (about 9pm PDT). If you're into pyrotechnics, the fireworks tend to be quite good, and you should be able to see them anywhere on the bayfront (The Embarcadero) south of the Bay Bridge, all the way down to the SBC Ballpark. It's called the Kaboom! and the actual location of the party is a Piers 30-32, just off the Embarcadero. If you don't like pyrotechnics, and/or the noise bothers you, you may want to stay away from the bayfront on Saturday night between 9-10 PM local time.