OT: Mobile Directories WAS: Large ISPs doing NAT?

You would think the phone companies who already have most of the necessary
resources, i.e. the yellow pages/directory listings, would be all over this
idea as a way to sell thier device/generate even more listing revenue.

Killer app: Cell Phone/PDA/GPSw Mapping,routing in a Palm form factor.

Just my 2�. The delete key is your friend.

I can probably name you half a dozen companies which are, or were, "all
over" this sort of thing, and at least two of them are Bell/YP shops. I
used to work for one of the others (prior to the usual dot-com implosion).

Right now, they seem to expect you to 411 it, instead, and let the low-wage
humans on the other end of the line make a guess.

And remember: just because it's a killer app doesn't mean anyone is willing
to pay for it.