OT:ANNOUNCE: MailDroid Spam Fighting MFG/MTA alpha release 0.01

The MailDroid iso image is ready for download at http://www.maildroid.org.
(at 130 MB, we'll try it for a few days to see if we can afford the traffic)

MailDroid is a special "distro" of the popular OpenBSD** operating system that is optimized to provide a secure, spam fighting, virus killing, Mail Filtering Gateway, "right out of the box". System Administrators need only place the MailDroid distro CD into any modern x86 box (Pentium III class or above) and load the system as you would any OpenBSD install except you select the additional maildroid.tgz package. Once all the packages are installed, reboot� and the system will come up swinging! MailDroid comes equipped and configured with:

� sendmail 8.13.8 - standard OpenBSD 3.7 release
� smtp-vilter 1.1.9- connect several milter back-ends to filter your incoming mail
� spamassassin 3.0.2- what more do we need to say?
� cyrus-sasl 2.1.20 - SASL2 authentication daemon to use with sendmail
� clamav 0.85.1- The open source anti virus milter
� squirrelmail 1.4.4� SSL web mail front-end using an internal IMAP server
� spamd - The OpenBSD offensive spam deferral daemon
� pop3s - TLS based POP access (via stunnel 4.08 )
� OpenBSD firewall based on pf
� Chrooted sendmail, apache, clamav, smtp-vilter, named, PHP4.3.10 and more
� Secure Web-based management console

We put all the work into building, integrating and debugging these tools so you can spend your time, not building packages, but fighting SPAM! While the system comes up, secure and ready to filter, reject, or label spam, we refrain from making any major policy decisions. The system is tunable, in a large-scale sense through the web interface, however you can edit the actual configuration files yourself without worrying that your changes will be lost... all config files changes are placed under version control so if you make a mistake, you can recover easily.

MailDroid is Open Source, you are free to modify it, recompile it, use parts of it, even repackage and sell it ( see individual component licenses). If you choose to purchase a CD, you get one year of on-line automatic updates for the host that you decide to register. What this means is that if there are security vulnerabilities, or cool feature improvements available, you don't have to wait, re-compile or re-install, you just have to download the package, install, possibly reboot and your done. Even if you choose not to purchase a CD, you can still have read access to the MailDroid CVS tree, that will contain up to the minute security patches and many feature enhancements.

MailDroid is a community effort, it is a effort of System and Network Administrators like yourselves, and we value your suggestions, patches and feature additions, should you choose to contribute them. We are here to make all of our lives a little nicer and to optimize the fun!

MailDroid... Now there's a New Hope.

Host requirements:
� I32 (x86) machine 300MHz (Pentium III) or better (sorry no 64 bit support yet, dual CPU is OK!)
� 128MB of memory (512 preferred)
� 20 Gigabyte hard drive
� CDROM (to load software)
� keyboard, VGA monitor (serial support for the console in the BIOS)
� 10/100 base-T Ethernet port

We can also build custom MailDroids to your specifications and deliver them fully burnt-in, loaded and debugged. From super-fast, 1U, dual processor, bastion servers to small-office, paperback book size, low power units. E-mail us for details and price quotes.

Info at maildroid.org

* MFG = Mail Filtering Gateway which also doubles as an MTA (Mail Transporting Agent)
** OpenBSD and the �Mean Puffy logo are copyrighted 1997-2005 by Theo de Raadt