[OT] Lucent max tnt config

In the referenced message, Vijay Gill said:

> Does anyone have a list of "continental" ip addresses and non-continental
> addresses. I realize that ARIN and APNIC and RIPE are available to search
> through but I was hoping that someone else had done the work..
> Senior Network Support Engineer
> UUNET Technologies, A WorldCom Company

What. The. Hell. Send mail to ayen@uu.net or is it now doug.ayen@wcom.com
and ask him for this information. MO must be rolling in his boat by now.


I think the above message was actually meant to be a joke at the recent
increase in:
How do I configure foo?
Where should I get my DS1 from?
Does bar suck/rule?
Guess who I just saw on f-edcompany.com?